Looking for an Egg Donor Angel

It’s the most devastating thing to hear when your Doctor says “you need an Egg Donor”. For some people this comes from years of trying for a baby and IVF and for some it comes as a diagnosis from their test results. Whatever the reason or whenever it is, it’s still heartbreaking to hear. This website is a place for people looking for Egg Donor Angels can come and post an advertisement and where Egg Donor Angels can come and offer their help. Hopefully this website will help you fulfil your dream of becoming a family. Read more…

Some people defy the odds and conceive through IVF or naturally, but some of us have to start the process to find their Egg Donor Angel to help them achieve their dream to become a family.  The journey begins with trying to find a solution to fix your own fertility via numerous IVF cycles… but for many of us we finally have to come to terms with a choice… do we want a family or not and if so we have to consider using an Egg Donor Angel.  Give yourself time and space to think this through as it’s important and a very emotional and hard decision to comes to terms with and you need to be comfortable with it before starting the process.  The hardest concept for most women is to know that your child will not be your own biological child with your genetics and with that comes thoughts like will it look like me at all.

But once you come to terms with using a donor egg and grieving your own eggs and fertility, then comes the exciting but scary search for that Egg Donor Angel….. you know you want a family and you know that your child will be cherished and loved no matter what.

So you ask, how do I find that Egg Donor Angel?  As you read this you may already have done all the usual things including asking family and friends, adverting in the local paper, posting on baby blogs and forums etc.

I strongly recommend talking to family, friends, acquaintances and even work colleagues about this but only as much as you are comfortable with doing so.  I was extremely open about our search and yes talked about it to everyone and anyone who would listen.  I spoke to friends and work colleagues that I felt comfortable discussing it with and from that one work colleague and now friend, her daughter offered to help, sadly health issues prevented us from taking this option.  Another work colleague that I remained friends with also offered but again health issues prevented us from continuing.   Whilst we were not successful with either of these wonderful women, by talking about it they came forward.  I realised how hard it was to find Egg Donor Angels and started to investigate not only tools and avenues for me to find her but also ways to help others with their search.

Also Facebook is a wonderful tool, make sure you join all the relevant groups on there including IVF support groups.  There are also regionally/local “pay it forwards” and “garage sale” groups, these are another great option to place an ad or more importantly post your story, I did this and obtained quite a bit of interest.  You can also advertise on Facebook, it allows you to target your audience down to age, geographics and gender etc. whilst it does cost a bit, it could be worth considering.

Gumtree is also another option, some have advertised on there and been successful.  You could also contact your local paper with your story, especially if you live in a regional/country town.

Consider putting a flyer up in your local supermarket on their notice board, at your local child care centre, kindy, church and even in your local children’s/baby clothing/toy shop.

Being a Marketing consultant of course when the usual searches failed, I started to think of what our other options there were to find that wonderful Egg Donor Angel.  I desperately wanted to find my own Egg Donor Angel 🙁  During the search, I realised that if I was having difficulty finding my own Egg Donor Angel, others travelling this journey would as well.  I wanted to find a way that other couples could find their own Egg Donor Angel and that’s where the dream for this website started…..

And this website helped me find my own Egg Donor Angel, I reconnected with my cousin via Facebook and when she saw and read all my posts about our journey to find our own Egg Donor Angel and how our website was helping others on their journey, she came forward and offered to be our wonderful Egg Donor Angel, sadly we weren’t successful xox

We did two cycles with her, sadly we used 4 snow babies before I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer early 2012 and since then I went through significant treatment including a mastectomy, intensive chemotherapy and radiation and then had massive complications that delayed our dream of a having a family.  Our second cycle with my cousin resulted in 11 snow babies on ice but sadly they were potentially not frozen properly and most were half dead or dead when they went to thaw them in October 2014 and we lost all of them.  This is highly unusual and we are still devastated and coming to terms with this loss.  We did have one little snow baby on ice in Melbourne that I rushed down to do a FET transfer with when we lost our 11 babies but sadly it wasn’t viable 🙁 .  We had a wonderful friend offer to be our Egg Donor Angel late 2014 but sadly we were unable to extract any mature or quality eggs.

Sigh, it’s been a tough journey for many many years now, from when we were told we would need our own Egg Donor Angel to now.

Going overseas for us was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make, especially when I founded and started Egg Donor Angels to help people like us find their donor and fulfill their dream of a family.

We felt after everything that we have been through, we couldn’t wait any longer for our family. As you know there has to be a connection between the donor and the recipient and this takes time and naturally not everyone does connect. Then there’s the appointments, the tests and all the process to actually start the cycle.. and maybe somewhere along the way the donor understandably might not be suitable, might need to cancel or delay the cycle… or sadly you do the egg retrieval and find that the donors eggs are not suitable which is sooooo tough and heart breaking on both the donor and the recipient xox  It can be so time consuming and many wait years to find that amazing donor sometimes thinking they’ve found their angel only to have it fall apart.  Many are still looking years later but also many find their egg donor angel within a few months.. each story and journey is different xox

We then went down the overseas donor path for our egg donor cycle to Cape Fertility in Cape Town, South Africa and are so glad we made this decision … and we now have our little boy Liam and one on the way….. going overseas was something that we’d never seriously considered until a couple of women had been and encouraged us and told us how easy it is and gosh it was super easy and quick.  Like any decision in life there are always pros and cons but we found that for us it was mostly positive.  The only negative for going overseas is the donors are meant to be anonymous, this means you and your donor conceived child may never know their egg donor angel.  In saying that you get from South African donor agencies full comprehensive profiles on your egg donor with plenty of information about them and their genetic/health history to pass onto your children.  For us we felt like we’d run out of time to go through the process here in Australia whereas in most overseas countries, Greece, Czech and South Africa, you can be there within 8 to 12 weeks of your first email to them, amazing!  We did it within 10 weeks, as long as you get your existing test results and get any additional ones done in a timely manner and choosing your egg donor (if you are going to South Africa) can take some time.  South Africa have many egg donor agencies that have databases of egg donors where you can see their childhood pictures, read their profiles, look at their health history and their paternal and maternal family history, see if they are a “proven” donor and look at their timing/availability and you can shortlist the ones you like and feel a connection with and then ask the agency more information and make a decision (the hardest part :)).  Other countries will choose a donor for you based on your looks and your preferences but they will run the donors profile past you first.

Going overseas can be daunting for many in terms of cost, travel concerns and using unknown/overseas clinics.  I have a Facebook support group, egg donor angels international donor options, where you can chat to others and see recommendations of where they have been and I also have a pdf file I’ve researched and created on most countries and information about the process etc.  Just request to join and one of my admins will message you to confirm your request.  We and most people that have gone overseas have found the experience excellent and have been successful.  We found the communication with Cape Fertility, the processes, the protocols and the team and the clinic professional, fabulous and just as good as any of the main IVF clinics we have been through here in Australia.  The costs for most overseas clinics are around $8,000 to $9,000 AUD and that’s for everything, yours and the donors appointments, the donors cycle, medications, your transfer, the donors fee etc.  Much cheaper than most clinics in Australia however you don’t get the Medicare rebate but remember you normally have to pay for the egg donors cycle and then your transfer at clinics here in Australia quite often adding up to over $12,000 plus.  With going overseas you do need to pay for flights, travel, accommodation etc. and this can increase the costs pending where you stay and where you go.  The positive of this is that you also get a nice holiday as many of the overseas clinics are in places you can have a holiday as well and your appointments don’t take up a lot of time.

On a legal note, it is illegal to pay overseas donors as it is to pay donors in Australia, our payment to our South African donor was “reasonable” compensation for her time off work, parking, travel costs etc. However these costs were small compared to the “reasonable” costs that many Australian donors request here, approx. $850 AUD versus on average $2,000 AUD from what recipients here have told me they have paid to egg donors here.

I and Egg Donor Angels don’t have any affiliation with any local or overseas agencies nor do I/we get any kickbacks.  Sadly another site accuses me of getting payment for what I do, I can assure you I receive no payments personally for what I do and any money donated to Egg Donor Angels is purely put back into the running of it, promotion and advertising.  I would be more than happy to show all evidence to refute these accusations.

I do this purely to help others and my joy and happiness is when someone lets me know they’ve achieved their dream.

I also suggest to all recipients to think about your options, that’s finding a donor here and going overseas, many have found amazing donors here and have been successful and many are also going overseas and are successful.  Only you can know and evaluate what’s best for your on your journey.

With going to an overseas agency, we have been able to do our first cycle quickly, from the initial conversation and research to the actual transfer it can take between 8 and 12 weeks or more if needed. These agencies have a list of available donors that you can, yes choose from, as hard as this sounds. Each donor supplies detailed information including medical history for them and their family, going back several generations and they answer questions and provide information that does give you some insight into who they are. These donors have already undertaken the initial consultation and tests and once you have confirmed with the agency, they call the donor in for a meeting and for further tests to ensure they are suitable. Once that is done and all your tests and results are done and ok, you start the cycle.

One of the hardest things in going overseas is knowing that if we are successful our child will not be able to meet or know their biological parent but we are putting things in place to help them navigate through this with us. We are currently writing a letter to our child explaining what we have been through and why we made this decision and we have asked the agency if the donor would write our child a letter as well.

After we had committed to going overseas, we have had quite a few wonderful donors offer to help us but sadly the wheels were in place already.  Thank you so much, we know that you are now helping other wonderful people instead and that means so much to us xox

A couple of donors had offered to help when we had previously just started the process with our wonderful friend but we were already committed. But I’m so glad we have helped them to find fantastic recipients and we thank them with all of our heart and know that you are helping other beautiful people instead xox

In starting to find your own Egg Donor Angel, I would suggest you try all the options here in Australia first but give yourself a time frame to assess and evaluate.  If you feel that you have tried everything and/or you have had some issues, then maybe consider the overseas path.  If you are considering this, please email me at diannej@eggdonorangels.com.au to chat further.

How do I find my Egg Donor Angel here?

I started this website in the format it is as classified listings as I wanted something that was easy to use, quick and immediate.  Both potential recipients and potential Egg Donors can place ads on our website and anyone can respond to their ads by clicking on their ad and the “contact” name.  All ads on the website come through me for approval before going live so I can ensure that everything is within legal and ethical guidelines.  I also get a copy all correspondence to ads through the website.

So how do you place an ad on here, go to the Place Ad page, follow the instructions and set up your ad.

Once you have created your ad, I get a copy of the ad for approval and I will approve as quickly as I can.  Keep in mind I run this website on my own time and money so sometimes I can’t get to it straight away.  If your ad isn’t approved within 2-3 days, please email me at diannej@eggdonorangels.com.au and I will look into it.  I don’t get any government assistance or any financial help so its only me and my time and my money 🙂  I have now set up an option on my site for people to donate to help keep this site running and to contribute to costs to advertise to get more donors and awareness for egg donors but there are no expectations that you should donate 🙂  I love doing this and am very passionate about it and it makes my day when I get an email, phone call or FB message that someone has found their donor and even more eggciting when they are pregnant and/or the baby has arrived.. xox

Once your ad has been approved, make sure you share it on your own Facebook and Twitter pages, your Angel might be closer than you think it’s just that they didn’t know you needed them xox

Once your ad is approved any potential Egg Donor Angels will email a response to your advertisement via this website.  You can then share details and continue to discuss your options.  Sadly we do get “scammers” like similar websites but we do try to deter them and please do tell me of any scammers and/or donors asking for payment as I have been reporting them to the relevant authorities.  Because of the structure of this site, they can contact you via your ad, as I get a copy of all correspondence via the website, if I see any messages that are illegal or inappropriate I not only contact you re this but also the person sending the message.  I strongly recommend that if someone contacts you and starts indicating that they would like to be paid for being your Egg Donor Angel that you inform them that its illegal in Australia to be paid for Egg Donation.  As hard as it is when someone asks for money and you think that this may be your only chance/option keep in mind that giving them money does NOT guarantee you they will go through with the cycle and once you pay them, they will potentially ask you for more money as you go through the process and once your’re committed it’s hard emotionally to refuse as the fear of losing that “donor” is overwhelming and you think you will keep them by paying, but this is not often the case.

There are Australia-wide laws which make it illegal to give, receive or offer to give or receive payments for eggs, sperm or embryos. However, it is possible for a person who receives eggs, sperm or embryos to pay the “reasonable expenses” of their donor. These expenses must be expenses which are verifiable and directly related to the donation, like medical costs. The donor should only be reimbursed if they have been left out-of-pocket and via receipts once they are out of pocket.

Please be aware that a donor could also be acting illegally if they offer to receive or request payments that do not fall into the “reasonable expenses” category. It is therefore not only the person who is receiving the eggs, sperm or embryos who could be committing an offence.

It is best to obtain legal advice about what kind of expenses you can pay to your donor, as the penalties for breaching these laws are heavy.

Any requested payments made before the beginning of the donation process as a pre-determined lump-sum amount could breach Australian law.

The Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction Act 2002 (Cth) makes it illegal to receive or offer to receive “valuable consideration” (which can include payments which are not “reasonable expenses”, inducements, discounts or priority in provision of a service) for the supply of eggs, sperm or embryos. For your information, the National Health and Medical Research Council has released the new Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research (2017). Guideline 5.4 of these new guidelines provide more guidance about what could be considered “reasonable expenses”.

Donors who are requesting payments that are not verifiable and are not reimbursements of expenses paid out-of-pocket by the donor may be breaching this law. Asking for payments to be made before the process begins could indicate that the payments are not reimbursements of out-of-pocket amounts. Asking for payments to be made on a lump-sum basis would indicate that the payments are not verifiable, particularly if the amount is pre-determined.

Also keep in mind that if you pay a donor as a recipient these amounts, you could also be committing a criminal offence under the same law.  I caution all recipients against engaging with a donor who is making illegal demands and payment requests.

Also please ensure you check your spam and junk mail folders for emails/replies and also approve/allow emails from my website so you don’t miss any correspondence.

So what can an Egg Donor be covered for?  ALL medical costs are to be covered by the recipients and any “reasonable” out of pocket expenses may also be covered if they are verified.  This could include; travel, parking, child minding and time off work.  However the word “reasonable” again is to be noted and for instance time off work should only be for any appointments where the potential donor has taken time off and only for travel to and from and actual time there.  It would also cover time off work for procedures.  This is all something you would need to discuss with your potential donor and come to a mutual agreement on what’s included and the process so that there are no issues later on when you are further into the process.

It is both the person giving or receiving (or offering to give or receive) payment who could be committing the offence of commercial trading and this could be the donor, the recipient, or any other person involved in the process. It should therefore be emphasised to everyone that they could be committing an offence if they ask for or offer to pay amounts which are unrelated to the donation process, or which are not verifiable through evidence such as receipts or invoices.

Donors in particular should NOT be claiming that the amount requested (without verification) is for travel expenses or time of work without being able to substantiate that claim with evidence of those costs or loss of income.

I strongly suggest that recipients do not pay any payments to donors without proof/invoices/receipts any “reasonable out of pocket expenses” and I ask that any recipient that is asked for payment/money/other or bullied or scammed to contact me immediately with the screenshots and information so I can pass onto the relevant authorities so this doesn’t happen to others as I can assure you that any egg donor asking for this from you will most likely be asking other recipients.

As recipients we are vulnerable, the IVF journey is tough with most of us enduring years and many cycles trying with our own eggs and then having to grieve and come to terms with having to find an egg donor angel.  This journey is emotionally, physically, mentally and financially draining on us and by the time we have been told to find an egg donor angel we are often desperate to have our family and sadly some donors/people take advantage of this. You don’t need to give in to this, as tempting as it is and you think you may not get any other offers, there are amazing donors out there that do help without bullying, scamming and payments and there is also the “overseas” option as well.

When you are looking for your Egg Donor Angel, take into consideration the following:

  • Their age, clinics prefer egg donors to be between 21 and 36.  However if your donor is known to you and has great fertility, you could look at someone a little bit older but there’s the risk of less eggs.  My cousin was 38-39 for our first cycle and then 39-40 for our second cycle and each time we got over 10 eggs but she has got fabulous fertility.  If you are in doubt, talk about it with your IVF specialist.
  • Have had their own family, they prefer women that have completed their family however this is not an absolute.  The IVF clinic will inform the potential donor of the risks to her own fertility, whilst low, there is still a risk and they will need to make a decision based on this.  Also most egg donors have had their own family and understand how precious children are to them and that’s why they choose to donate.
  • They and their partner will need to do counseling sessions together and then with you and your partner.  Discuss with the potential donor the process including the donor database/registrar and what you both want out of the relationship in terms of contact with each other and the child/children.  This is imperative and if your donor and/or partner is not totally comfortable with being a donor this will come out in the counseling.  It’s better to find out early on than when you are emotionally committed and in the process.
  • Other things that will influence whom you choose are personal and everyone is different but can include cultural background, appearance etc.
  • Genetic and hereditary history of the donor.
  • Smoking, drinking and drug use by the potential donor.

We also have Egg Donor Angels that advertise on the site, so make sure you check the site regularly for their ads.  If you are looking for potential Egg Donor Angel Ads, go to Browse Ads and change the category to Could I be your Egg Donor Angel and you will see all the lovely Angels offering to be Egg Donors.  Don’t be discouraged if the donor’s ad has been on the site for a while, most donors remove their ad once they have found their recipient.  Also all ads have to be renewed by the advertiser every month, so if the ad is there it’s most likely still active.  It could mean that the donor hasn’t found that recipient that they connect with and you could be the one 🙂  When you reply to donor’s ads on the site, like your own personal ad, make sure you let them know who you are. Put yourself in the donor’s shoes for a moment and think what you would like to know if you were donating your eggs.  Talk about  your life, your partner (if applicable), your family (pets, siblings, parents etc.) and you…  send a photo as well, I know as much as most of us hate photos of ourselves, it allows the donor to see “you”.

Also don’t be discouraged that I don’t have lots of donors advertising on the website, most donors come onto the website and review the recipients ads and reply to them and every week this is growing more and more.  And this brings me to my next point…

A lot of people ask me what to put in their ad, I say make it personal and about you and your partner (if applicable), give the potential donor an insight into you and your journey.  Talk about your life, what you want as future parents, your dreams, your pets, etc.  Try to include a picture as this helps many connect with you as well.  Maybe get a friend to write something about you and put it as a quote.  Put your “egg donor” hat on, if you were donating your eggs, what would you want to know about you 🙂  Read other peoples ads but most importantly be you 🙂  You also need to put in what you are comfortable with, this is about you.  But keep in mind that your your potential Egg Donor Angel wants to know you and feel a connection.  I find that most donors and recipients have just said something has “clicked” between them or from their ad and that’s how it all started.

Let them know if you are willing to pay someone to travel from interstate or the country or if you are willing to travel to where they are, this could be very important in a donor coming forwards.

Some couples/women choose to create a unique email address and phone number for their ad, this can be a good idea but again is something for you to decide.

So what do I do when a wonderful Egg Donor responds to my ad or my message?  Chat with them, talk about what you are looking for and what they are looking for, especially in terms of contact now and going forwards, travel, timing. Discuss the process with them, ensuring they understand how it all works and if they need further information, send them some website links and resources.  You want them to be sure they want to and can do this.  If you find that your expectations are very different, it might be good to reconsider as hard as this may be.  Take your time to chat with them and give them the time and space to get to know you and make their decision.  If they stop corresponding with you and won’t answer your emails, calls, texts then for their own personal reasons they have decided not to go ahead.  Whilst we prefer people to let us know that they have changed their mind, it might be too hard for them to actually tell you, right or wrong, this can happen xox.

If things are going well and you are comfortable, it might be time to actually meet, some donors prefer not to and are still happy to donate, again this is something you need to clarify with them early one.  If you are both comfortable to go ahead with the next step towards donation, book your donor or get them to book in an appointment with your clinic and IVF specialist to start the process.  The first consultation will be the donor and your IVF specialist only and will be about the donor, their history, informing them of the process, the risks etc.  If they are ok with all of that, the specialist will most likely send them for blood tests, ultrasounds to check everything, once these results are in and assessed and they are happy… consent forms can be signed and counseling sessions can be organised.

Some questions you might like to ask your potential donor:

  • What made you aware of egg donation?
  • Why do you want to donate?
  • Do you have children, how many, do you plan to have more?
  • Do you have a partner, how do they feel about you donating?
  • How do your family feel about you donating?
  • Do you work? full time/part time/stay at home mum? If you work are they flexible in terms of time off for this?
  • Are you willing to travel? (if needed)
  • What contact were you considering with the child and with us going forwards?
  • How would you feel about seeing your donor child for the first time?
  • Are you going to tell family/friends of your donation?
  • Have you donated to anyone else before?
  • If not, do you understand the process of egg donation?
  • Do you have any medical conditions/issues or inherited family medical conditions that could affect the donation?
  • Did you know that your name will go on a donor database where the child will have the right to know who you are when they turn 18.
  • What would you like the child to call you?
  • What contact do you want the child to have with your children?



So now comes the terms and conditions, rules, regulations and requirements for this site:  (don’t worry there’s not too many!)

  • As this is a sensitive subject, I ask that you protect peoples privacy and if someone approaches you about being an Egg Donor Angel and then change their mind, please respect this and do not contact them again.  I would also ask that you give any women offering to help the time and space to take it all in. I know that we want to make this happen but I am sure you want to ensure that the right person is with you all the way.
  • Please discuss any potential Egg Donor Angels with your Doctor and IVF clinic as they will be able to assist you with your decision.
  • All ads will have to be approved before being posted.  As I know how you are feeling and want to get this happening, I will make this happen as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately I have to approve all content as not all of us are legitimate.
  • VICTORIAN residents  – it is illegal to advertise as an Egg Donor without written permission from the Minister for health.  Please ensure that you have this and include the approval number and copy in your advertisement.  Ads without this will be removed until you have this approval number.  Obtaining and displaying this approval number and copy is purely the responsibility of the advertiser.  Send a copy of the wording you plan to use to:  Minister for Health, Department of Human Services, GPO Box 4511, Melbourne VIC 3001 or you can email it to jill.hennessy@parliament.vi.gov.au or minister.heath@health.vic.gov.au
    • Under the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic), no person is permitted to publish an advertisement relating to the selling, buying or donation of tissue unless the advertisement is approved by the Victorian Minister for Health and contains a statement to that effect.
    • Therefore, any Victorian who advertises about the donation of eggs, regardless of whether they are proposing to donate or receive those eggs, or be involved with the process in any way, must obtain the approval of the Victorian Minister for Health to advertise.
    • This law covers any advertisement about the donation of eggs, regardless of who is placing that advertisement, and regardless of whether that advertisement appears on a public or private forum, or anywhere else.
    • Please be aware that both donors and people looking for a donor will be breaking Victorian law if they publish an advertisement without the Minister’s approval.
  • Suggested wording you can use in your letter: Dear Minister,  I am writing to you for approval for an advertisement for an egg donor as per the requirements of s.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982.  The following is my advertisement for an egg donor for your approval.  “insert your ad copy here”  Yours sincerely, “insert your name, phone number, email address, mailing address here”.
  • They should respond to you letter/email within about 3 to 6 weeks and you can always ring the office if you are concerned.
  •  Please do not use inappropriate words or language, abuse or defame any other people on this site or in your advertisement.
  • It is illegal in Australia to pay for egg donation, only proven “reasonable” out of pocket expenses can be covered (see above information re this) and all medical costs.
  •  The site owners accept no responsibility, legal or moral, for any agreements concerning Egg Donation, Adoption or Surrogacy that members may enter into through their association with this website. We advise that legal advice be sought in these matters. This website is purely for the sole purpose of supporting women in their egg donation journey.

I work almost full time on Egg Donor Angels for free as it’s my love and my passion.  To date I have spent thousands of dollars to set up this website, paid for advertising and promotion for this important cause so that hopefully I can find you your Egg Donor Angel.  I’m pretty easy to get in touch with either on email, Facebook or phone and for the most part I will get back to you quickly though now with an active toddler and one on the way I might be a bit slower but don’t give up on me :). But please keep in mind I put in hours and hours of my own time to update and manage this website, the Facebook groups and the Facebook page are all for free.  Sometimes I am busy with our personal stuff but I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I don’t work a paid job as this has now become my job, just without the pay 🙂  But if you would like to contribute to the running of this website, Facebook groups and pages, help me promote this wonderful cause and create more awareness, I have now included a donate button on most pages on here as well as my account details for a direct debit.

My goal is to gain more and more awareness for the need for not only Egg Donor Angels, but Embyro Donor Angels, Sperm Donor Angels and Surrogates and hopefully through this increased awareness more donors and surrogates will come forward.  Over the past years, we too have been going through our own Egg Donor Angel journey as well as breast cancer and major complications… this knocked us around emotionally, physically and financially…. so we do understand and empathise with you on this emotional roller-coaster.

If you haven’t guessed already :), I am soooo very passionate about this cause and am happy to chat and answer questions, so please do contact me via email; diannej@eggdonorangels.com.au, message or phone….  xox

Make sure you also like us on Facebook and join our Facebook groups; a safe place for donors and recipients to chat and offer support through this journey:

Egg Donor Angels Facebook Group – This group is mainly made up of people from Australia and New Zealand looking for their Egg Donor Angel or wanting to be an Egg Donor Angel, however we have people from all over the world in this group.  It’s a safe place to chat and offer support, no advertising or promotion is allowed within this group.  Also please do not approach potential Egg Donors within the group unless initiated by the Egg Donor as this group is meant to be a safe place to chat and offer support only xox.

Egg Donor Angels Australia Facebook Group  – This group is for people from Australia looking for their Egg Donor Angel or wanting to be an Egg Donor Angel. It’s a safe place to chat and offer support, no advertising or promotion is allowed within this group.  Also please do not approach potential Egg Donors within the group unless initiated by the Egg Donor as this group is meant to be a safe place to chat and offer support only xox.

Egg Donor Angels NZ – This group is for people from New Zealand looking for their Egg Donor Angel or wanting to be an Egg Donor Angel. It’s a safe place to chat and offer support, no advertising or promotion is allowed within this group.  Also please do not approach potential Egg Donors within the group unless initiated by the Egg Donor as this group is meant to be a safe place to chat and offer support only xox.

Egg Donor Angels US Facebook Group  – This group is for people from the USA/America looking for their Egg Donor Angel or wanting to be an Egg Donor Angel. It’s a safe place to chat and offer support, no advertising or promotion is allowed within this group.  Also please do not approach potential Egg Donors within the group unless initiated by the Egg Donor as this group is meant to be a safe place to chat and offer support only xox.

Egg Donor Angels Canada Facebook Group  – This group is for people from Canada looking for their Egg Donor Angel or wanting to be an Egg Donor Angel. It’s a safe place to chat and offer support, no advertising or promotion is allowed within this group.  Also please do not approach potential Egg Donors within the group unless initiated by the Egg Donor as this group is meant to be a safe place to chat and offer support only xox.

Egg Donor Angels UK Facebook Group. – This group is for people from the UK looking for their Egg Donor Angel or wanting to be an Egg Donor Angel xox

Egg Donor Angels Recipient Only Support Group – This group is for recipients only. It includes people that are looking for their Egg Donor Angel, have their Egg Donor Angel, are going through the process or have been through the egg donation journey.  It’s a safe place for recipients to chat and offer support. Sorry no donors xox.

Egg Donor Angels International Donor Options – this group is for recipients considering going overseas for an egg donor cycle.  It’s a safe place to chat about IVF clinics in countries such as South Africa and Greece and talk to people who have been there.

I also have a group for recipients that are parents of donor conceived children – click here  and a group for recipients that have traveled to South Africa and now have children/a child from that donation – click here xox

Further information on going Overseas for an Egg Donor (sperm and embryo as well) (clinics and donor agencies):

Another option to find your Egg Donor Angel is to consider going overseas.  Whilst this may seem rather daunting, it’s not that scary or that hard.  In fact I found that the overseas clinics I have dealt with are as good if not better than here in Australia and their communication and the way they lead you through the process and the details exceeds cycles I have done here in Australia.

In terms of cost, it’s comparable, it ranges for the egg donor agency fee, the donor fee, the cycle, all medications and your transfer from around $6000 AUD to around $9,000 AUD.   You need to add your travel costs, being flights, accommodation, car hire, spending etc. but even with this it’s comparable to the out of pocket costs here in Australia and you get a holiday 🙂

In most countries they can have a cycle and transfer happening in around 8 – 12 weeks with many having either donors on their clinic books and/or donor agencies having plenty of donors to choose from.

Most clinics provide a very detailed profile on your donor again much more than most donors offer here even when you send your donor to the IVF clinics here they don’t provide you with anywhere near the detail or background information you have in your overseas donor’s profile.

I recommend trying here first for your Egg Donor Angel but give yourself a time frame and if you are comfortable, consider then the overseas option unless you have already been through so much or you can’t wait any longer then overseas might be the quickest option for you.

I’m happy to chat more about this email me diannej@eggdonorangels.com.au and join my Facebook Group specifically for this where there is further information and plenty of recipients whom have been successful overseas and happy to share their experiences and chat about it xox

Here are some websites/clinics/donor agencies to consider:

Cape Fertility South Africa – IVF clinic South Africa

Baby2Mom South Africa – Leading Donor Agency

Nurture South Africa – Donor Agency

Giftovlife South Africa – Donor Agency

AbabySA South Africa – Donor Agency

Sunshine Egg Donors South Africa – Donor Agency

Egg Donation South Africa – Donor Agency

Vitalab South Africa – IVF Clinic South Africa

Hart IVF – IVF clinic in Cape Town

Aevetis Fertility Clinic IVF – IVF clinic in Cape Town

Czech legalities on Egg Donation, Embryo and Sperm Donation

Zlin IVF Clinic Czech

Other Czech Clinics can be found on this website

Embryoland IVF Clinic Greece

New Life Greece IVF Clinic

Laws/legalities for egg/sprem/embryo donation in Spain

Irema IVF clinic Spain

Dexeus IVF Clinic Spain

Marbella IVF Clinic Spain

Barcelona IVF Clinic Spain

** Advertising for a donor is not allowed on the Facebook groups, however you are welcome to tell your story and journey on there but please keep it as a support group not as a place to promote yourself.  Also recipients are not allowed to contact donors or private message them unless initiated by the potential donor.  This is to ensure that the groups are a supportive and safe environment for all 🙂

Good Luck with your search for your Egg Donor Angel and please keep me updated xox as many of you already have with your success.  Many recipients and donors have connected through here and have now had their baby, pregnant or in the process of the donor cycle.  I wish you lots of baby dust and send you huge hugs whilst you travel this journey xox

Thank you, every bit helps, I look forward to chatting with you and hopefully helping you fulfilling your dreams xoxox

Sadly I need to charge a fee to place an ad on my website. For many years I have run the website on my own time and money costing me thousands of dollars (at least over $10,000). Unfortunately I can no longer afford to keep paying these costs especially with increased costs including big dollars to protect the website from hackers. I either have to charge a fee per month or close the site.
I am now charging a $30 fee per month to recipients/intended parents that will need to be paid via Paypal to cover the websites costs. I’m sorry to do this and I hope people will acknowledge the time and money I’ve already invested into this to help so many have their family and realise that this costs our family money that we can no longer afford (and couldn’t afford for many years already).

Egg donors/embryo donors and surrogates advertising on the website will only be charged a token fee of $1, understandably.

I’ve done all of this on my own with no other income for over 10 years as it’s truly my passion, I haven’t charged any fees for this website until now but have incurred over $10,000 in costs for the site to run and that’s actual costs, it doesn’t include my time. If you would like to donate further to this website, the Facebook page and groups and help me to keep helping others find their Egg Donor Angel, please click on the donate now button or my details are on the website. All donations will go into improving the website, the processes, to finding more egg donor angels and to creating more awareness for this wonderful cause.

Thank you, every bit helps as I started Egg Donor Angels with my own money  and my own time (and lots of it :)) and I continue to run it on my own time and money, it’s almost a full time job now.. but I love doing this and am so very passionate about it xoxox

Account name: Dianne Johnston

BSB: 112-879

Account number: 066 926 009

Thanks so much for spending the time reading this and for coming to my website, I hope you find the information you need, otherwise please contact me.  I hope this website helps you continue your journey to becoming a family.  Please keep me updated as we would love to hear how you are going. Take care and lots of baby dust to you all.

Take care

Dianne xox

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3 thoughts on “Looking for an Egg Donor Angel”

  1. I am Sophie and I am 33yeras old . I had tried few times IVF But unsuccessful.Doctoe suggested me to look for egg donor angel .
    I just hope I will find my angle soon .
    Thanks so much if you could help me to make my dream come true.

    1. Hi Sophie, I think you’ve already been on the website, but you can advertise on my website for an egg donor and you can reply to egg donor ads on the website xox

    Thank you for caring enough to provide this excellent exchange of information support and opportunities to connect.

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