Transfer done, now the 2ww xox

It’s our last full day in Cape Town and whilst we are looking forward to going home there is a tinge of sadness to leave this beautiful city and the friends we have made along our journey xox

Our egg donor gave us some wonderful eggs and we ended up with 2 fabulous quality embryo’s to transfer and 6 in the freezer ūüôā

Transfer was Monday and all went wonderfully and we are now in the 2ww nervously… ¬†each step is so very hard, its the decision to use an egg donor or for us to do another cycle after our last miscarriage and negative, it’s the process of seeing if your egg donor is suitable then the cycle begins and are they responding and well and will you get good quality embryo’s that give you the best possible chance xox

Its the egg collection and how many fertilise, then how are they going at each stage and how many embryo’s you have and what quality they are…

Then of course once you’ve done the transfer it’s the waiting, listening to your body and each twinge and symptom brings about “could we be pregnant?”… ¬†the hormones play with your body and your mind as does the emotions of the whole journey… ¬†your hopeful and you want this so badly but you also know there’s always that risk/chance its not going to be successful….it’s a numbers game… you do everything you can to ensure the best possible outcome, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, endo scratch, hysteroscopy, vitamins, supplements and so the list goes on..

I know many of you reading this will relate either doing your own IVF with your own eggs and doing IVF using an egg donor… ¬†it’s a roller coaster of emotions and whilst you try to “not stress” and “not think about it too much” and “relax” you know your mind is there in that place xox

I will do a future post about Cape Town, what to see and do as it is a beautiful city and the people are lovely xox

We have done some further sightseeing, we did Kirstenbosch gardens, Moyo restaurant for Mother’s Day, Simons Town, Bree Street and the famous Mount Nelson Hotel High Tea. ¬†Every day we have done a lovely walk along the bay and have had a great time with Liam playing in the playgrounds. ¬†We found a great children’s playground along the waterfront that’s fenced and gated with a track for him to ride his tricycle around and a swing, slide and climbing stuff.. he’s loved playing and riding his trike and it’s been wonderful having this family time… ¬†Liam’s made many friends, he just loves to people watch and he’s so friendly smiling and chatting to the locals…

We got to catch up with some friends we’ve made here previously and that was lovely, though not enough time and we hope that when we bring Liam back when he’s older we will have more time to spend with them.

I’m nervous to write anymore about our chances of success or if I think we are successful, I plan to do a home pregnancy test probably around day 8 or 9 just before bloods and even just writing that makes my heart skip a beat…

To those that are thinking of going overseas, don’t be afraid of doing this, so many are going and are successful, it’s not as scary as you think, most clinics are as good as Australia/the USA, are reasonably priced and the success rates are very good… ¬†and I’m happy to chat to you about it …

I’ve been wearing my Mum’s heart locket here with a photo of her and Dad in it so she’s with us and my lucky elephant from a good friend… and of course all the hope and good wishes from our friends xoxox

Fingers and toes crossed we are pregnant with a sibling for Liam… chat soon, love from us xoxox

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9 thoughts on “Transfer done, now the 2ww xox”

  1. Wow Dianne – Cape Town sounds amazing. I’d love to go there one day. I have everything crossed for you and hope and pray baby Liam gets his sibling. It’s such a stressful time, this 2ww. Can’t wait to hear your news. Take care in the meantime. warmest wishes, Pip xoxoxox

    1. I know.. can’t believe we’ve been back again.. oh it’s a beautiful city and the people are lovely too… it’s definitely worth it.. thanks gorgeous, I know I have everything crossed too, gosh this one has to stick lol xox

  2. Hi Dianne,

    So excited for you back trying for baby number 2. Everything crossed for you. Happy and hopeful times. Lots of love, Holly

    1. Hi, this is our 3rd try for a sibling, sadly had a miscarriage in November and a negative in Feb, but new egg donor and cycle so hopefully this one is it… xox

  3. Hi,
    Sorry I have just jumped on this site and started reading stories. I seem to not be able to find how much overseas donor eggs and the procedures cost. Do you mind giving a rough average? Thanks and good luck

    1. Hi Natasha, I can chat to you more about this, email me and join my Facebook group “egg donor angels international donor options” you’ll find plenty of information and support on there about going overseas for an egg donor but again I”m happy to chat about it xox

  4. Hi Dianne,
    How did you go with your donor eggs?? I’m keen to find out if you became pregnant.
    3 ICSI attempts for us, no pregnancies at all. We are thinking about donor eggs. I am 40 and I just think my eggs are no good despite getting good numbers.
    Love to hear from you

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