The Rollercoaster ride this week

Phew, what a week, my wonderful donor had some health issues and I was firstly worried about her as she holds a special place in our hearts aside from her wonderful offer but also obviously we were concerned about her being able to continue with being our Egg Donor Angel.

My goodness the emotions are amazing, the love you feel for the person donating (if they are known i.e. friend, family etc), the desire to have a family, the stress, the grief at not being able to use your own eggs and conceive naturally, the OMG I am sooo selfish for wanting this person to continue and the ongoing question “will this happen for us, will we have our dream, a family?”

But the amazing person that she is, she is full steam ahead even though she has had a terrible time the past few weeks and it makes me cry just hearing her words, “I am so excited, we are almost there”.

So I spent two days sad and worried and the rest of the time now has been busy with work and in a protective mode, any of you whom are travelling this journey or have travelled it will understand… you are really really excited the first time you get a response to your ad for a donor, then you find that most if not all are not suitable after weeks of emails, phone calls, meetings.. then you find one that you think yes this is it.. then you find that they can’t do it for various reasons, we had two suitable and wonderful women offer in my first ad in the local paper but both had Hep C. I advertised on Bub Hub and Essential Baby forums but while I got wonderful support from people there, no substantial offers came through.  A few others offered via other advertising but they were in other states, got pregnant or just weren’t right for other reasons.  A friend’s daughter then offered and we started the process but she pulled out and we started again.  Another wonderful friend offered, now she is amazing, dealing with an illness all her life and yet she offers to help us but our Dr suggested it would not be good for her health and therefore we decided not to risk her at all… then my wonderful angel came forward and so far we haven’t looked back.. So while I am excited, there’s a reservation that is holding me back.. until we get to the day of egg retrieval and then when we can announce or should I say scream to the world that we are pregnant…

So this week’s looking much better yay xox

Would love to hear about your journeys…

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