Merry Christmas from all of us xox

So it’s been a crazy year with me being so sick last year with the pregnancy (high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia), then having Owen 6 weeks preemie, then weeks in the NICU with him coming home in January but with regular visits to the NICU till he gained enough weight… then lots of sickness for all of us and then I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease called Scleroderma… and just being busy with two young children 🙂

It’s wonderful that we can celebrate this Christmas as a family and at home. I still pinch myself that we have our gorgeous boys, what a journey we’ve been through but we made it. Our boys are so sweet, most of the time hehehe. Liam does the sweetest things like tucking Daddy in at night when he’s on a super early shift and has gone to sleep before the boys do but then he will push Owen away from trying to play with his toys… and then Liam will just come and give me the biggest hug whilst I’m doing something awwwwww. Owen is crawling with a mission lol… He is always on the move and looking for mischief and has just started this week to give hugs and blow kisses as well as raspberries… won’t be long and he’ll be walking. We celebrated Owen’s 1st Birthday on the 19th, it was a fabulous day though we can’t believe our tiny little baby has grown so much. We love our boys to the moon and back and to the stars, they are going to be the best of friends and yes with some fights..

I thought we’d have more time once Owen was born to do things and see people but with sickness, hospital visits, Shane’s roster/shifts and just life we just haven’t been able to do as much or catch up, sorry xox

… and I know I haven’t had as much time for Egg Donor Angels as I normally have or would like, sorry xox.

Hopefully this coming year will be less crazy hehehe xox

For those of you that have lost loved ones (family, friends and pets) this year or prior years but still grieving, hugs and love from us, Christmas is always hard as we miss them and its a time you would especially share with them xox

My Mum’s last visit to Sydney and before she got really sick 🙁

I miss my Mum, this year will be the 3rd Christmas without her and sadly my Dad passed away when I was a teenager…

Its funny how things remind you of what you were going through at that time, I remember that dress, we were still trying IVF with my eggs but we also at that time had a friends daughter offer to be our egg donor, health issues sadly prevented her from helping us which whilst we were disappointed we totally understood xox.

To those going through IVF whether with your own eggs or with an egg donor, hugs and love to you xox This emotional roller coaster ride is hard and often with many set backs and heartbreak along the way. We hope you get what you dreaming of xox

And remember I’m here to chat to, sometimes I just don’t get to my emails but if you need me I’m just a phone call away xox

We have lots of Facebook support groups with wonderful and amazing members to help you along the way xox

Egg donor angels recipients only

Egg donor angels international donor options

Egg donor angels Australia

Egg donor angels NZ

Egg donor angels US

Egg donor angels UK

Egg donor angels Canada

Egg donor angels Parents of donor conceived children

Egg donor angels Parents of South African donor conceived children

Egg donor angels parents of OE and ED children

Egg donor angels donors only support group

Egg Donor angels single women seeking egg, sperm and embyro donation

and the Facebook page “egg donor angels”

These groups are very supportive and a huge thank you to my amazing friends that help me admin the groups; Katherine, Natalie, Lauren and Christine, love you xox I couldn’t have kept Angels going the past 2 years without your help, thank you so much xox

To all our friends and family, we send our love this Christmas, thanks for your love and support and we hope you have an amazing day with the people you love xox

And we look forward to seeing you very soon xox

Here’s our Christmas photo shoot with the gorgeous and talented Elvia.

love Dianne, Shane, Liam and Owen xox

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