Ok, so I have been a bit slack, I am just not very good at “blogging” and we have been away for our holiday.

Had a great time, we relaxed, stayed in lots of free campsites, over half the trip was done free camping.  Some of the rest stops we camped in were just great, one of our favs was about 24kms out of Longreach.  There were dirt tracks behind the main rest stop area that you could park in, light a campfire and look at the stars – it was just wonderful, oh and we had mobile phone reception, not that we really had time or used it that much 🙂

We got all the way to Darwin, through outback QLD and up the main highway, stopping at some of our favourite places, Mataranka, Daly Waters and Litchfield.  We swam lots and the warm weather was wonderful.  At Litchfield, Wangi Falls were closed due to the high rainfall and the late wet season but we found a couple of new places to swim, one was Walker Creek – WOW.  We bushwalked about 3kms to get to it, it was a plunge pool at the bottom of small cascading waterfalls and we swam with fish and water dragons etc.  It was just wonderful.

We have been back a couple of weeks but it’s been rather hectic, catching up with stuff which we are still doing but getting there.

The most exciting news is that we have started our donor cycle – Yay!  I am calmly excited if that’s possible 🙂  The trip away gave me some time to truly think and reflect and let go of my demons and regrets, so now I am ready for this journey and the next phase of our wonderful life together. 

I love Shane very much and so glad that we are doing this together, he is a wonderful person.  I love my donor and can’t wait to also share this exciting journey with her xox

Will keep you all updated, thanks for your support, thoughts and wishes xox

Getting closer…


This week has been a great week, we are getting much closer to our dream, thank you our egg donor angel, we love you but not just for this gift but because you are the person you are no matter what happens xox 

I have been busy with work, trying to get people to attend the Cystic Fibrosis Australia and Bipolar Education Foundation Gala event on 25th June, it’s always hard to get people to help charities especially when they are inundated with requests on a daily/weekly basis.  Such wonderful causes and they don’t get as much attention and support as they deserve and compared to other well-known charities.  And working on 65 Roses Day for PGPR and Cystic Fibrosis Australia is always a wonderful experience, this is my third year working on this campaign and I just love helping this wonderful cause.  Did you know that there are only 40 people over 40 years of age alive with Cystic Fibrosis?  The average life expectancy is 37 years of age which has increased significantly over the past 10 years thanks to donations, awareness, research and the dedication of the people who live with Cystic Fibrosis whether it is the person, the family, the friends or the people who work towards the goal of finding a cure.

But in-between this and other projects, I decided it was time to send out my press release to the media for the egg donor angels website.  Today it went to over 1500 national print, magazine, TV and Radio media and I hope that this helps get the word out there that there is a need for not only awareness for infertility and egg, embryo and sperm donation but also a shortage of people for this.

I came up with the concept of the website in November last year so I created my Facebook and Twitter pages then and then finally launched the website over the Easter break this year.  

Since the launch of my website there have been lots of support groups and websites popping up which is great news for spreading the word on the growing issue of infertility, the more we can get this message out there and help couples achieve their dream of having a family, the better. 

I am soooo excited that we are sooo very close… though I have a decision to make about timing of the cycle, of course I want it to happen now but we also have had a 6 week holiday planned since we were away last year…. my body and mind feel like they need the planned break to swim, relax, bush walk and just enjoy after a busy and emotional year.  Should we make our holiday the egg donor cycle and spend time around the house doing work or should we go away, come back refreshed to do the cycle in August??   The dilemma is amazing and each time I think about it, I change my decision. We have decided to think it over this long weekend, of course I have debated it in my head over and over and discussed it somewhat with Shane in between his going to work and sleeping!  I hear my best friend and well she’s really a sister to me saying do it.. spent many many years trying to conceive and lost many babies and now has two wonderful boys to a sperm donor, so she knows how it feels.  Then I hear another best friend and sister to me, saying to do what’s right, and then another I think I need to talk to, she is one of my rocks and an amazing person, I love all my wonderful friends and couldn’t have gotten through the past ten years without your love, support and guidance, thank you xox

Of course we only have a week to decide before our leave starts and I have soooo much to do… I think it’s time for a cuppa, check the fire as it’s fwweeeeezzing here and do some more work and maybe think about it later when I take the doggie for a walk and run..

Will keep you updated and let you know of my decision

Dianne xox





The Rollercoaster ride this week

Phew, what a week, my wonderful donor had some health issues and I was firstly worried about her as she holds a special place in our hearts aside from her wonderful offer but also obviously we were concerned about her being able to continue with being our Egg Donor Angel.

My goodness the emotions are amazing, the love you feel for the person donating (if they are known i.e. friend, family etc), the desire to have a family, the stress, the grief at not being able to use your own eggs and conceive naturally, the OMG I am sooo selfish for wanting this person to continue and the ongoing question “will this happen for us, will we have our dream, a family?”

But the amazing person that she is, she is full steam ahead even though she has had a terrible time the past few weeks and it makes me cry just hearing her words, “I am so excited, we are almost there”.

So I spent two days sad and worried and the rest of the time now has been busy with work and in a protective mode, any of you whom are travelling this journey or have travelled it will understand… you are really really excited the first time you get a response to your ad for a donor, then you find that most if not all are not suitable after weeks of emails, phone calls, meetings.. then you find one that you think yes this is it.. then you find that they can’t do it for various reasons, we had two suitable and wonderful women offer in my first ad in the local paper but both had Hep C. I advertised on Bub Hub and Essential Baby forums but while I got wonderful support from people there, no substantial offers came through.  A few others offered via other advertising but they were in other states, got pregnant or just weren’t right for other reasons.  A friend’s daughter then offered and we started the process but she pulled out and we started again.  Another wonderful friend offered, now she is amazing, dealing with an illness all her life and yet she offers to help us but our Dr suggested it would not be good for her health and therefore we decided not to risk her at all… then my wonderful angel came forward and so far we haven’t looked back.. So while I am excited, there’s a reservation that is holding me back.. until we get to the day of egg retrieval and then when we can announce or should I say scream to the world that we are pregnant…

So this week’s looking much better yay xox

Would love to hear about your journeys…