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It’s fantastic and interesting that there are new Facebook and websites popping up supporting infertility and egg donors…the more help there is to support infertility and especially egg donation in Australia, hopefully the more dreams we can fulfill.

I have had some feedback on my site with people saying that it’s expensive and I guess questioning why they would pay to look for an egg donor when they can post an ad on forums like bub hub and essential baby and on Facebook groups and pages.

When I came up with this website idea over six months ago, I had been travelling my own journey for several years and had tried most ways to find an egg donor and yes that included all of the above and more.

The reality of finding an egg donor is that it’s extremely difficult.  There are lots of wonderful women out there that offer and think they can do it but when the reality of it all sets in, a high percentage pull out, understandably.  There are lots of women that are happy to donate but finding them and making them aware is the hard part. 

When I launched the Facebook page, I paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to see if I could find potential egg donors and I did, I then spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars to firstly set up this website and most importantly again spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars to source potential egg donors to come to this site.  I did this over a 5 day period and had over 300 hits to the website of potential egg donors, what a wonderful result!

I know that potential egg donors will possibly find other sites where couples are advertising for their egg donor angel but they are only tapping into a % of the population and in a certain period of time. 

I have over 20 years of marketing and PR experience and now love using these skills to help others achieve their dream of a family but like most things there’s a dollar cost.  If you look in the “Child” magazine there are lots of paid advertisements for egg donors, or in your local paper or in the larger newspapers… I am offering an alternative to this but with the promise that the money goes into targeted advertising to find you that Egg Donor Angel.

Good luck and I hope you find your Egg Donor Angel no matter what xox

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