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After a busy few weeks I am taking some time to write about our journey as promised.  As its bbbbrrrr very cold outside, the fire is roaring, the dog is asleep beside me, the cat is meowing at me (yes she’s been fed!) and Shane is at work…

I was married for many years to someone who I thought I was in love with….unfortunately he wasn’t the person I thought he was, and after finding about the lying and cheating, I broke free and started my life again.

The hardest part was that I knew I wanted a family and knew time was running out for me….you can’t really say on the first, second or third date… so…how about a family…. like now!

In looking for a housemate as I had to pay the mortgage and credit card debt on my own, I met this wonderful man through a friend that he worked with.  I can still picture him walking up the path to my front door for the first time and thinking to myself “this guy seems really nice and sweet”.  How right I was!

However it took us a month or so to talk again after one of my other housemates was moving out and suggested I ring him and see if he still needed somewhere.. so I did, he had a place but from that call we had our first date and we are still together six years later.

The saddest and hardest part for us as a couple was to overcome our fears and trust issues.  My distrust due to my ex’s lying and cheating.. his due to his ex taking his daughter from him at the age of two for no reason other than spite.  Stephanie is now 15 years old (about to turn 16).  He has paid child support since and spent years and thousands of dollars trying to find her.  Last year thanks to the internet, we found her and he got to speak to Stephanie.  Sadly she has been “brainwashed” by her mother and wants nothing to do with her father but thanked him for the spending money (child support).  The only reason the mother; Marie gave as to why she kept their daughter away from her father was that his mother had fed her cold vegetables and something about cold water.  If you knew his Mum you would know this would not be true and I would ask anyone, really is that a good enough reason to keep your child away from their father??

So Shane had major trust issues, understandably.  He wanted a family but was terrified that it would happen again.  So while I wanted children, he didn’t and so years went by until I finally went to an IVF clinic and got myself checked out.  The report was ok, so I waited a bit longer… and a bit longer as he just wasn’t ready.. then I finally said now!  Sadly for us, when I went back to the IVF clinic, the results were not good, it’s amazing how quickly things can change.  I only did SIUI’s, I never had enough follies (potential eggs) for IVF or so the clinic said.  I was too much of a risk to their statistics to try to use the one or two follies/eggs.  We went to another clinic and they were wonderful. They said lets just try that one follie/egg and see what happens but then it was well and truly too late! 

All along ” you need an egg donor” had been suggested to me, it takes a while to come to terms with this and I wanted to keep trying.  So I started the process of finding our egg donor angel but at the same time kept trying naturally and through the IVF clinic.

We then had a wonderful egg donor angel offer but she had to pull out due to health concerns…we had advertised originally in the local paper, on forums and on social media sites but no one was suitable.  There were a number of wonderful offers but for various reasons including health they were not suitable.

It was from that, that I realised that it’s really really hard to find that egg donor angel and from that came this website. 

As soon as I thought about this concept, I was ecstatic and started researching it and getting quotes to make it happen.  almost six months later, it’s finally here and I hope that it will help other couples find their egg donor angel as we now have, more to come on this….

That’s our story, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you. 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you find your egg donor angel and for all of us to share our journeys together.

Take care Dianne xo

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