Looking for an egg donor to use in a surrogacy arrangement

Sunshine Coast
Within Queensland

We currently live in Sunny Queensland (Sunshine Coast) after moving from Victoria
a couple of years ago, we definitely have found our forever destination. We have full time jobs in our chosen professions and are happy and stable on our career paths.

We got married 2 years ago surrounded by lots of family and friends and have been together for nearly a decade (time flies). We both come from big supportive families and have a group of amazing friends. We love being outdoors – surfing, fishing, walking Brooklyn or just enjoying the view of the ocean under a shady tree. And although our days are happy, there is a big part missing that we are longing for, to be promoted to the titles of mum and dad.

Long story short, we are here, seeking an egg donor due to me having cancer in my
early 30’s. We did some preservation treatments when I was first diagnosed;
however, my cancer was more complicated than first thought and I now have to stay
on treatment for life, making all our preservations no longer viable. This is why we
would also need to go down the surrogacy route. My awesomely wonderful sister Diane has so kindly offered to be our surrogate. She also lives in Queensland, a little further north from us.

We would be looking for a donor located in Queensland. Ideally, we would like to
have an unconditional relationship with our donor of some description, if they were
open to having one with us. Nevertheless some relationship would be important. We could imagine this special person being labelled the “cool aunty”, having an impact in our lives beyond a donation, even if the physical relationship isn’t as constant.

We also understand that at times/stages this relationship might want to change and
we would be very understanding about this and open to what everyone's needs are
at any time.

If you would be interesting in talking to us further, we would be very open to any conversation, please contact us on

Thank you <3

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