Embryo to Donate

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Alexandra Headland

Hi there,

My partner and I completed two IVF egg collections when I was 35 and he was 34. We were unsuccessful and did not get an embryo in the first cycle.

We had success with three embryos in the second cycle. I had two miscarriages and then fell pregnant naturally.

We have a beautiful, happy and thriving little boy. He is enough for us.

We have one embryo remaining. Our choices are to destroy the embryo, donate it for research or donate the embryo to hopefully produce a baby.

Upon researching the need for embryo donations, we have decided on this path.

We are currently undergoing the medical screening.

Please let me know if you are interested in utilising our embryo.


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    As I do all of this on my own with no other income as it’s truly my passion, I don’t charge any fees for this website, it’s totally free so if you would like to donate to this website, the Facebook page and groups and help me to keep helping others find their Egg Donor Angel, please click on the donate now button below  or my details are below xox.  All donations will go into improving the website, the processes, to finding more egg donor angels and to creating more awareness for this wonderful cause.

    Thank you, every bit helps as I started Egg Donor Angels with my own money  and my own time (and lots of it :)) and I continue to run it on my own time and money, it’s almost a full time job now.. but I love doing this and am so very passionate about it xoxox

    Account name: Dianne Johnston

    BSB: 112-879

    Account number: 066 926 009