Our hearts are broken… this journey is soooo hard :'(

Soooo you are asking, what happened…

Well we got the call, 2 of our snow babies survived, yayyyyyyyyy but as you can tell by the title of this post, it’s not all good news :'(

I was booked in for the transfer on Easter Monday and as I drove in there, I expected a call to say they hadn’t survived the night.. but I got there and it was all good.. they transferred a 6 cell and a 5 cell embryo..

I came home and rested up and took my hormones and hoped and prayed for the best outcome…

I waited and waited till I thought it was long enough to take our first POAS test but of course the ones the IVF clinic gave me were dodgy.. one didn’t show anything and the other one did weird things… but showed negative to begin with but hours later a positive but as we all know you don’t read them hours later… sigh… so then I purchased another pack and tried again a few days later, sadly negative..  that’s when our hearts broke again.. these tests are very accurate and to be honest whilst originally I felt some slight pregnancy signs other than the hormone ones, they were only slight and for a day or so.. I did another test a few more days later just to make sure but again negative..

We are just devastated at this, even though our Fertility specialist assured us to do another cycle with our donor, we were nervous and reluctant to go another time knowing that it was more time again.. sigh..

We just can’t wait anymore, we need to put something into place so we have decided to go overseas for our next donor cycle.  We know there are many wonderful donors here in Australia that would help but its the time and the potential heartache involved and the risk that they may not give us any viable embyro’s.  We just can’t take the time now to go through the donor process here and with the risk of the donor pulling out, which is ok, but it’s always a risk for various reasons.. or to do a cycle to find like this last one that there are no viable or good embryo’s.  If we go overseas the donors are ready to go and we can choose donors based on age and having already donated before…

With my Mum’s passing, dealing with the issues surrounding that and family and of course the grief :'(, our loss and just the ongoing post cancer issues, this is just breaking our hearts..

But we are strong and as we still feel we haven’t had a real chance at this, we are going to give it one last hurrah..

Wish us luck, say prayers for us, cross everything and just send us lots of love, we truly need it..

I will keep you updated on what we are doing and what happens, no matter what..

love from us xoxox

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4 thoughts on “Our hearts are broken… this journey is soooo hard :'(”

  1. Hi I’d love to help if I can, I want to help give a family another life, I ask for nothing in return except my expenses. I’m 42 healthy, still ovulating and living in Perth. Contact me if you’re interested.
    Kind regards Gaynor

    1. Hi Gaynor, thank you for considering this amazing gift, sadly the IVF clinics advise against any donors over the age of 38 and only recommend it if it’s a family member or close friend.. sorry.. and as our fertility declines and our eggs age after this age, it also gives recipients the best possible chance.. thanks again, truly wonderful xox

      1. Hi lovely, I’m truly sorry for what you are going through! My name is ash , I’m 23 , I’ve been a doner twice over with great success!! First time 12eggs where pulled and 11 where fertilised , 2nd time they had 18 and 16 where fertilised , I live in the blue mountains nsw , I would be happy to help ??
        Yours sincerely

        1. Hi Ash, oh wow you are amazing xox thank you for your message and offer, we are now 33 weeks pregnant but I’m sure there are other amazing recipients that would love to chat with you. Would love to catch up as we live so close, once I’m out of hospital with this pregnancy and settled, we could get together? Email me diannej@eggdonorangels.com.au xox

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