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Hi, As you would probably know and have read by now I started this website many years ago on my own time and money 🙂 and it’s totally free 🙂 and it’s just me, Dianne Johnston.  Many people email me or message me addressing me as the “team” but I can assure you it’s just me.   I spent thousands dollars of my own money on creating the website and advertising to create awareness for this important cause and over the years have paid for the upkeep, hosting and domain name along with ongoing advertising for the cause. Egg Donor Angels is not just a website, it also includes a Facebook page that I update very regularly with relevant articles and information to help everyone along this journey.  I also have a Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other various social media pages for this wonderful cause that are also updated by me. Last year I started many Facebook groups and have continued to create groups on the growing need for support and advice in various areas of donor conception and infertility.  These include my main group; Egg Donor Angels, but also include; a group purely for recipients and one purely for donors, one for recipients considering going to an overseas agency for egg/sperm/embryo donation, one for parents of donor conceived children, and separate groups for NZ, the USA and the UK.  I also have other groups and pages in the making that encompass education about infertility and other relevant awareness needs for donor conception and infertility and I will continue to create groups and support for needs that arise. Since I got diagnosed with breast cancer early 2012 I had to give up most of my marketing consultancy clients and work to focus on my treatment and getting through it all.  I had many significant complications from the surgeries, chemo and radiation and just when I thought I was nearing the end of my treatment I had a very rare and major complication called osteoradionecrosis.  By this time I had no clients, no paid work and was purely focusing on my treatment and on Egg Donor Angels.  To this day I still don’t work or earn any income as my focus is on Egg Donor Angels and this important cause. Egg Donor Angels had grown so much that it is now pretty much a full time job for me but I truly do love it xox. So what do I do every day with Egg Donor Angels;

  • I get lots of emails, asking for advice, help and support to which I read, review and reply
  • I speak regularly to donors and recipients on the phone about their journey, the process and again to offer support and help
  • I get new advertisements for the website most days which I check, input into a database and approve if a recipient and if a donor send them an email with information ensuring they understand the process and have my support before approving their ad
  • I receive notification of expired ads and input this into my database
  • I receive notification of renewed ads, that I check are live on the website and update my database
  • I approve ads for donors once I hear back from them from my email confirming their email address and they understand the process
  • I email new donors that have responded to recipients ads on the website with information about being an Egg Donor Angel so they understand the process
  • I approve new members to all of my groups, but part of this process includes for the recipients only and the recipients looking at overseas donor agencies I message them and check that they are recipients only as well as checking that donors are in the “donors only” group.
  • I check the groups for any new posts, comments and respond
  • I reply to private messages to me via Facebook and via the groups, to which I get many
  • I check the Facebook page for new messages and reply and respond to any comments
  • I post on the Facebook page with relevant information and articles in regard to this journey

What about every other day and on a not so regular basis?

  • I respond to media requests and do interviews
  • I promote egg, sperm, embyro donation and infertility
  • I update the website with changes and relevant information
  • I create and update rules, tips and support documents for the Facebook groups and the website
  • And I do soooo much more… that I just can’t remember now as it’s just automatic 🙂

Now, I’m all about transparency and as anyone who has spoken to me and knows me, I’m totally open and honest, so as I started asking for donations in the past few years to help me run this cause, I wanted to ensure that anyone who has donated or is considering donating knows where their money is going and where it has gone. So I am going to update this page on a quarterly basis with donations I have received and where the money has been spent – see below.   The donations are to pay for the hosting of the website, the domain name and the rest will be put into relevant and needed literature and into advertising and creating awareness for this important cause.  There are other organisations that are official charities that have a legal, moral and ethical obligation to produce and provide this information but they don’t.  I am not an official charity or not for profit but am more than happy to provide my financials and donations. This information is purely for this Australian website for Egg Donor Angels. Updated 9th May 2016 Egg Donor Angels Donations & financials 090516 egg-donor-angels-donations-financials-to-october-2016 Thanks so much to everyone for their wonderful donations and for reading this and please if you have any questions, email me at Take care Dianne xox

Please consider donating to my website as this is my baby for over 12 years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars keeping the website live. I’ve helped thousands of people every year through the site, with phone calls, emails, my many Facebook groups and private messages and all with my own money and my own time.

Account name: Dianne Johnston

BSB: 112-879

Account number: 066 926 009 or

2 thoughts on “Donations – accountability”

  1. Dear Dianne,

    I am writing to you in view of being a donor although this is a new thought of mine I wanted to ask you some questions before thinking about it in more detail.
    I am 33, British but call Australia home and have done for the past 10 years. I have no family in Australia except my husband and 3 year old daughter Emma.
    Emma was conceived by IVF from one sole lasting embryo due to fertility issues.
    My husband and I don’t plan on having any more children & as i don’t have any nieces & nephews or any family in Australia and I guess it just makes me think with Emma gets older that she will have no family, brothers or sisters. No one to have a biological connection with. I wonder if you ever find people who are seeking a donor egg would feel like keeping a connection with their donor? I don’t know if this sounds strange or not, maybe they would be worried about a maternal connection forming but I’d see if more as a friendship… I would love to know your thoughts on this.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Jemma, i’d love to chat more re this, email me and we can discuss this further.. though quickly yes many recipients do want to have a connection with the donor and their family/children and are happy to have ongoing contact and yes friendship.. hope that helps.. xox

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