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Embryo Donation in Australia

Many couples go through IVF and sometimes when they have completed their family they have some lovely little Snow Babies or Embryo’s left over.

Couples are given the options to dispose of them, to donate them to research or to donate them to recipients.  This decision is something only each couple can make for themselves.  Some couples struggle emotionally with the concept that their children will  have siblings out there even though they know the heartache and struggle to have a family and therefore can’t donate them and that’s ok.  Some couples decide that they can donate them to help others fulfill their dream of a family.

Here on Egg Donor Angels you can advertise that you are donating your Embryo’s for someone else to potentially fulfill their dream of a family.  When you place your ad on the site, just select the “I have embryo’s to donate” category and potential recipients will know where to find you ūüôā xox

I also have a category called “I’m looking for donated embyro’s” where you can find potential recipients that are specifically looking for donated embyro’s.  However please also check the category “Looking for an Egg Donor Angel” as many couples are looking for either an Egg Donor or an Embryo donor.

Please be aware embryo donation is legal in Australia and there is no federal legislation covering Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) but some states have their own legislation that everyone must comply with.

If you are looking at donating your embryo’s or receiving donated embyro’s please read sections 6 and 7 of the NHMRC Guidelines relating to embryo donation.  The guidelines are clearly there to protect the interests of children who may be born from embryo donation similar to other donations.  It’s important for children to be able trace their genetic/biological parents and siblings and for the donors to be respected.
Also please seek legal advice when considering embryo donation and speak to your IVF clinic as well.
Many of the state regulators will provide information on how long embryo’s can be stored for and how many times they can be donated.  Please check each relevant state for their laws and regulations.
New South Wales
Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 and the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Regulations 2009 .  Here it’s a requirement to conduct criminal record checks and child-protection-order checks for embyro and egg donation and its purpose is to protect the interests of any donor conceived child.   A great website for further information is VARTA Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority .
Western Australia
South Australia
You can advertise here on Egg Donor Angels for a Donor Embryo, just click on the category Looking for a Embryo/Snow Baby Donor Angel or you can advertise your Embryo’s/Snow Babies for donation, just click on Donating our Snow Babies (Embryo’s) but please ensure you have read all the required legislation.

Also there is another fabulous website called Embryo Donation Network where recipients and embryo donors can also advertise and connect.

As I do all of this on my own with no other income as it’s truly my passion, I don’t charge any fees for this website, it’s totally free so if you would like to donate to this website, the Facebook page and groups and help me to keep helping others find their Egg Donor Angel, please click on the donate now button below  or my details are below xox.  All donations will go into improving the website, the processes, to finding more egg donor angels and to creating more awareness for this wonderful cause.

Thank you, every bit helps as I¬†started¬†Egg Donor Angels¬†with my own money¬† and¬†my own time (and lots of it :)) and I continue to¬†run it on my own time and money, it’s almost a full time job now.. but¬†I love doing this and¬†am so very¬†passionate about it xoxox

Please consider donating to my website as this is my baby for over 12 years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars keeping the website live. I’ve helped thousands of people every year through the site, with phone calls, emails, my many Facebook groups and private messages and all with my own money and my own time.

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