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Just a quick post, I started Egg Donor Angels many years ago to help others here in Australia have their family through egg donation.. At the time it cost me thousands of dollars to create and start the website along with registering the name etc. Then every year it’s cost me thousands of dollars to run it not to mention my time spent on it for free. Every year, people have told me to charge for people to advertise and I’ve resisted but this year I can’t afford to keep the site going with no/very little income. I’m sorry I am now charging $30 for 3 months for recipients ads and $1 for 3 months for Donors ads so I can at the very least have enough to pay for the website’s running costs. If people are not prepared to pay for this, sadly I will close the website and unfortunately they will be left with very few options in Australia to advertise. It makes me sad that I need to charge for this but with the costs of hosting and hacker prevention, I just can’t keep paying for it all especially when I don’t work and with my auto immune disease (Scleroderma) I am unable to go back into employment.. but it also makes me sad that most people didn’t consider donating to the website over the years to pay for its running and potentially won’t pay a small fee (in the scheme of things) for the running of the website. Not only do you get to advertise on a well promoted website in Australia but you get the information on it and many get hours of my time on the phone, email and private messaging. I hope you will realise that this charge/cost only covers my outgoing costs and again sadly if no on supports this the website will be shut down. Thanks for reading, Dianne and Shane xox

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Dianne - founder of Egg Donor Angels

Founder of Egg Donor Angels - helping others to have their family Mummy of two egg donor conceived boys Breast cancer thrivor Passionate educator and advocate of donor conception and infertility

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