Hi, thanks for placing an ad on Egg Donor Angels xox  Egg Donor Angels is just me; Dianne, I run it on my own, my own time and money with most weeks it’s almost a full time job 🙂 … but it’s something I am extremely passionate about and since I started Egg Donor Angels many years ago we have had lots of babies born and many are on their way xox

All ads must first be approved by the myself/the administrator before they are activated in the system and live on the website. As soon as I have approved your ad it will become visible on the website, this can take around 48 hours to approve and become live.

Please note that when you put your phone number in the required box in the ad, it’s only for my records in case I need to contact you, it will be removed from the ad when I approve it.

Also I get a copy of all correspondence to advertisers through my website, this is purely again for my records and to help protect everyone on my site from spammers and scammers and anyone that is acting illegally or unethically.

Also please ensure you check your junk/spam mail folders on a regular basis for replies to your ad &/or ensure you approve any emails from so you get all messages and emails.

Please ensure you have read all the rules and requirements for this advertisement, click here to go back and read them.

I have many categories to advertise in on this site;

  • Couples/people looking for their egg donor angel – ‘looking for an egg donor angel’
  • Women offering to be an egg donor angel – ‘could I be your egg donor angel’
  • If you have embryo’s to donate ‘I have embryo’s to donate’
  • If you are looking for donated embryo’s ‘I’m looking for donated embryo’s’
  • If you are looking for a Surrogate ‘I’m looking for a surrogate’ please be aware that you are only allowed to advertise for a surrogate in NSW, SA, WA & NT.
  • If you are considering being a surrogate ‘I’d love to be a surrogate’ again please be aware that you are only allowed to advertise for a surrogate in NSW, SA, WA & NT.

Please select the appropriate category from the drop down menu in the next screen.

If you are advertising to be an Egg Donor Angel, a Surrogate or donate your Embryo’s, thank you so much you are truly wonderful xox, however please be aware it’s illegal in Australia to be paid for ask for payment for egg and embryo donation and/or Surrogacy, egg/embryo donation and surrogacy are altruistic. Please keep us updated and email us if you have any questions

If you are advertising to find your Egg Donor Angel, embryo donor and/or surrogate, we wish you love and baby dust and that your dreams are fulfilled xox and please keep us updated on your journey and email us if you have any questions or issues in regard to your ad, angels contacting you or anything at

To place an advertisement on this site, please click on the place ad highlighted in blue below.

Again, thanks for coming to our wonderful website Egg Donor Angels, we hope we can help you find your Egg Donor Angel to fulfill your dream of becoming a family or that you find your wonderful recipient to help them become a family. Please make sure you have read all the other pages before placing your ad. It's illegal in Australia to be paid for egg/embryo donation and surrogacy, only "reasonable" out of pocket expenses can be covered for travel, parking, time off paid work for appointments and the procedure. To place your ad click on the "place ad" button below with the green circle and white cross in it. As I run this website on my own time and money and on my own, it can take up to 48 hours for the ad to be approved, so please be patient with me 🙂 xox Also please ensure you get an email from the website after placing your ad that gives you your listing id and lets you know your ad has been placed and is waiting approval. Again ensure you check your junk/spam folders for this email and if you didn't receive it, your ad may not have been submitted, if so email me and I will check and let you know. Join our Facebook group called Egg Donor Angels, a great place to chat and offer support and talk about your journey. Please contact me at with any questions or issues. Thanks Dianne xox



As I do all of this on my own with no other income as it’s truly my passion, I don’t charge any fees for this website, it’s totally free so if you would like to donate to this website, the Facebook page and groups and help me to keep helping others find their Egg Donor Angel, please click on the donate now button below  or my details are below xox.  All donations will go into improving the website, the processes, to finding more egg donor angels and to creating more awareness for this wonderful cause.Thank you, every bit helps as I started Egg Donor Angels with my own money  and my own time (and lots of it :)) and I continue to run it on my own time and money, it’s almost a full time job now.. but I love doing this and am so very passionate about it xoxoxAccount name: Dianne JohnstonBSB: 112-879Account number: 066 926 009

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