Infertility, what a harsh sounding word this is....

...and heart breaking when you dream of having a family.

About Us

We want to help others achieve their dream

We want to help others achieve their dream

I started this website as I needed to find an egg donor and whilst going through the process I found how hard the journey was.

After several years of coming to terms emotionally and mentally with the fact that I needed an Egg Donor Angel and not finding the “one” I started to look at women in the street, at the traffic lights, at the shops…. as potential Egg Donor Angels. Read more…

Become an Egg Donor Angel


Give the gift of a family to others

With one in six couples in Australia of reproductive age experiencing difficulties in conceiving a child and three year plus waiting lists for egg donors, it’s imperative to get the word out to Australian women about Egg Donation to help them become a family. If you are reading this then you may be considering becoming an Egg Door Angel and helping couples become a family through the wonderful gift of Egg Donation. To become an Egg Donor Angel there are some guidelines including preferably being between the ages of 21 and 38, to have had children (not an absolute) and if married or in a defacto relationship to have your partners approval. Read more…

Looking for an Egg Donor Angel

This is what we dream of…..becoming a family

It’s the most devastating thing to hear when your Doctor says “you need an Egg Donor”. For some people this comes from years of trying for a baby and IVF and for some it comes as a diagnosis from their test results. Whatever the reason or whenever it is, it’s still heartbreaking to hear. This website is a place for people looking for Egg Donor Angels can come and post an advertisement and where Egg Donor Angels can come and offer their help. Hopefully this website will help you fulfil your dream of becoming a family. Read more… 

To help infertilie couples in Australia fulfill their dreams of having a family Learn More